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Update: July 17th, 2018 (Tuesday)… back to blogging after another gap! Nine weeks or so away… I should have seen it coming, given the content of my most recent #May-be-A-B poems, latest one was May 10th for the letter I…

Anyway, staying with the Hemingway Rewritten theme for now, although thinking of going with something else and maybe changing it up in the near future, I have at least and at last personalised my blog’s header. It maybe will look better in another theme. Personally I tend to dislike headers taking so much screen space and extra scrolling, but for now it can settle. I decided to stick with something reminding of my other blog, The Wishing Well’, and am pondering on laying that blog to rest and migrating some of my challenges and stuff from there to this blog, starting in August… we’ll see then…


Update: url changing 1st April, 2018 (Sunday) [Easter day] [01042018,UK, 7pmBST, 8pmGMT/UCT] [over.out]


I hope the url doesn’t cause offence as none was/is intended.

I have long-term debilitating and disabling illness and do wish I could march along better and make some progress!

‘Swishing’ has kind of become’my ‘branding’, (yes, it’s wishing/wishfully…)

On 6th March 2017 I made a new personal blog with a view to paying for full function and made it with this url as I couldn’t think of anything else than ‘swishing’ + the date of creation, ie. 6th March. When I paid for the personal premium plan at that blog I changed the url. I’m building that other blog very slowly and keeping it to myself until it zings. (I still have lots to learn…)

When I found in my dashboard that I still had this blog url I decided to practise micro-blogging here and test how this default theme might inspire me differently to any of those tried previously.

So 6th March was purely the date of creation.

The last days of February and first week of March are a kind of personal milestone and I have (unpublished) goals I set out to achieve by Leap year 2020 (my 2020 ‘vision’). I’m not confident those goals are realistic given the extended and continuing duration of ill health but I can at least try to get somewhere close. Small steps are better than none.

Through 2018 and by Spring 2019, I hope to keep up micro-posting here at least once or twice a week – and to keep it nice and tidy and well-organised, unlike my other blogs that are all a bit messy.


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