A to Z Limerick A

An apple a day so they say

Will be sure to keep the doctor away

but in today’s NHS

They just sit at their desk

Like a clerk but with much better pay.

©©April 2018 Colette B. usual fair use applies, thank you 🙂 NB: see below


I wanted to add on the occasion of this rhyme that the individual health of the medical practitioner suffers tremendously for the difficulties and impossibilities of undertaking such public service work and I mean no disrespect for those professionals doing their best within the service framework that currently exists.



Hooray for Today ~~ One year ago today :)

A year’s past since starting this blog

and a shame I’ve not been here to slog.

So in Limerick style

I’ll rest here this a while

bloggiversary, swell, and truly logged.

©©2018, myself (Col.B. aka ~6bloc9)

Original work (!~aka Play)

photo of my snowman candle standing in snow, showing 'let it snow' on his belly.

My snowman candle unwrapped for many a year, seems perfect for this occasion (tho’ thaw set in and snow’s since gone).

(You are welcome to share and use my image and/or my little ditty now or in the future should you wish 🙂 EXCEPT please, (and legally binding) only for non-commercial, non-professional and strictly personal not-for-profit use. Thank you.)