May-be-A-B … Goodness (rhyme)



Goodness gracious how time flies!

I was gagging for lunch but then couldn’t decide

So I filled up with coffee and glued to my screen

Now it’s way past time for supper and there are dishes yet to clean!

Goodness gracious! Where’d time go?

I have a clock so you’d think I’d know.

If it should only take a minute why’d it need far more than ten?

Maybe I’ll switch this ‘puter off before it’s breakfast time again!

©©Colette B, 8th May, 2018. Usual Fair Use applies (i.e. personal/educational & non-commercial), thank you 🙂

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A to Z Limerick C

Carrots help you see in the dark?

But rubbing them won’t make them spark!

A candle’d be brighter

Though I’d still need a lighter

Best sleep early then up with the larks.

©©April 2018 Colette B. usual fair use applies, thank you 🙂 NB: see below

A to Z Limerick B

Better the devil you know?

Is this a saying that fills you with woe?

If the devil’s your love

Best you give them the shove

As sometimes life is much better alone.

©©April 2018 Colette B. usual fair use applies, thank you 🙂 NB: see below


In the UK there are organisations purporting to help victims of domestic abuse such as Women’s Aid, or even Men’s Aid, you can find an appropriate number to call for help perhaps, or maybe Framework. [I can’t help with appropriate numbers, assuming you have access at the very least!]