#May-be-A-B … Arriving with A haiku


Arriving bees nav-

igate nectar-giving blooms

bumbling in with May.


©©Colette B, 1st May, 2018. Usual Fair Use applies (i.e. personal/educational & non-commercial), thank you 🙂

While I’m alphabetically blogging again this month linking with #May-be-A-B over at SwishingUp, I can’t promise a haiku every day, as I might do something else or different each day. Today I happened to be outside skywatching when I noticed the first bumble bees I’ve seen so far this year. No doubt there have been some earlier in Spring, especially during April’s mini-heatwave, but I wasn’t outside much and hadn’t noticed any bees. Anyway, observing nature inspired this haiku, along with the letter A.