One small celebration ahoy

the word small in lower case, each letter increasing in size, achieved with the angle of the camera shot from printed material ie. the side of a box

Distorted (by angle of snapshot) – appropriated print material made from a household product

Some time, indeed, and ever seems there’s no time like the Present

More like perhaps the thought that counts

Appropriate and relevant…

LubblyJubbly Blogosphere, you know I love you so, though

Lately I’ve been wondering where’d all these past months go?

©©2018, myself (Col.B. aka ~6bloc9)

Original work (!~aka Play)

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Disobey [prompt]

Disbelief dismal array, depraved diabolical deluge affrayed and

fretting neither here nor there while cloud forms swiftly disappear;

all soon blows over, crises past and soon reminds life’s NOT a Blast!

Aghast abysmal recollects regather faith deny regressed renounced and

undermined stitched UP in Thyme saves Nine Lives. Nein!

Dis obedience? Mere disobey and all look forward to our brighter days.

Altogether, one, two, three by NO means NO Supremacy!!!