May-be-A-B… Just is (a poem, starter…tbc)


Just is


and seems

nothing to be done

to be sure it’s public int’rest

yet the newsreels just won’t run.

This is our bleeding country,

majority just as poor

as back then in the decades

since the Thatcher years abhorred.

Modern days are not enlightened

in these Dark Ages whence we strive

from manipulated mainstreams

truths from the Media to derive.

©©Colette B, 28th July, 2018. Usual Fair Use applies (i.e. personal/educational & non-commercial), thank you 🙂

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Apologies for absence! This poem starter has been inspired by the mindboggling situation of UK human rights abuses, the media manipulations/mediablackout and circumstances around political imprisonment of a Nottingham woman, a crucial witness to a necessary child abuse inquiry. #freemelanieshaw