#May-be-A-B … Everything (a verse)


Everything but the kitchen sink

Escaped my mind and my mind will not think

It’s getting late here by ten to twelve

And try as I might to dig deep and delve

I’d be wasting my time alike in neutral gear

And in writing while driving I’d best end it here.

©©Colette B, 4th May, 2018. Usual Fair Use applies (i.e. personal/educational & non-commercial), thank you 🙂

N.B. I am sitting in a chair at home while writing this poem, not driving a vehicle unless considering the blog as the vehicle. I just felt it might be necessary to expound on that fact a little enough to be hopefully clear to the reader. 

Linking this post with the #May-be-A-B challenge for the letter E at SwishingUp


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