Hooray for Today ~~ One year ago today :)

A year’s past since starting this blog

and a shame I’ve not been here to slog.

So in Limerick style

I’ll rest here this a while

bloggiversary, swell, and truly logged.

©©2018, myself (Col.B. aka ~6bloc9)

Original work (!~aka Play)

photo of my snowman candle standing in snow, showing 'let it snow' on his belly.

My snowman candle unwrapped for many a year, seems perfect for this occasion (tho’ thaw set in and snow’s since gone).

(You are welcome to share and use my image and/or my little ditty now or in the future should you wish 🙂 EXCEPT please, (and legally binding) only for non-commercial, non-professional and strictly personal not-for-profit use. Thank you.)


3 thoughts on “Hooray for Today ~~ One year ago today :)

  1. Happy bloggy day to you ….um….I forgot bout swish,2 here! ugh sorry 🙂
    I am reading rather than posting this time at library, for some reason yours hide on the reader from me!! i will look

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