One small celebration ahoy

the word small in lower case, each letter increasing in size, achieved with the angle of the camera shot from printed material ie. the side of a box

Distorted (by angle of snapshot) – appropriated print material made from a household product

Some time, indeed, and ever seems there’s no time like the Present

More like perhaps the thought that counts

Appropriate and relevant…

LubblyJubbly Blogosphere, you know I love you so, though

Lately I’ve been wondering where’d all these past months go?

©©2018, myself (Col.B. aka ~6bloc9)

Original work (!~aka Play)

(You are welcome to share and use my image and/or my little ditty now or in the future should you wish 🙂 EXCEPT please, (and legally binding) only for non-commercial, non-professional and strictly personal not-for-profit use. Thank you.)


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