A to Z Limerick N

Nimbly now and again

If I reach for my pad and my pen

Might I find if I try

I can make on the fly

A small something and nothing there then.

©©April 2018 Colette B. usual fair use applies, thank you 🙂 NB: see below

4 thoughts on “A to Z Limerick N

    • Maybe in some ways it gets easier the more you practise them, it’s a natural English language pattern I know we’re told they’re an Irish form, but I’ve heard there’s no similar pattern in the Gaelic language. Thanks for reading them 🙂

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      • yes I thought I was taught the Irish form but then I am of Irish (grandpa came over from there ..{never met him}) so that always caught my interest, well anywho I enjoy yours 😀

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      • I’m only a smidgeon Irish, my mother said an eight-th, as she was a quarter Irish, but I’m sure it may be more than that from my Dad’s side of the family too. I wanted to slap my daughter’s face (but didn’t) when she came home one day saying her other grandma had told her she was 100% pure English, i don’t believe there is such a thing! She wasn’t really quite old enough to understand how snooty and snobby that sounded and i hopefully set her straight.


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