3 thoughts on “A to Z Limerick O

  1. I have a non limerick comment, Ok, the other day i saw ATOZ all run together, gave me an idea to write on Aliens using the alphabet, but it will not be a limerick, might not even be a poem….stay tuned!

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    • Ooh, i’ll look forward to reading that then when you post it 🙂 Early warning: Maybe AB… a May continuation challenge at swishingup, flexible, not necessarily daily letter change, by individual choice, not posted anything there yet…


      • Oh goody. This month is his data month hope to get mine next. I should have put links swishy on my zygrod tales yesterday but I visited around and lost track of time, surprised when library computer shut down…..my time was up! Sorry rambling here my mail app not cooperating. Five prompts of April left, so got to thinking about AToz or ZOTA as the aliens called it lol! 🙂

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